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Latest from the “Feed The Beast” Chronicles

FTB Pulled Pork

I may have been born in New York City but I’m a country boy at heart. It was nearing the time to “Feed The Beast” so I prepped my smoker to make my “FTB Pulled Pork”. Prep time is about ten minutes and smoke time…

Rock -N- Sake Rocks!

When a foodie travels, they like spend their time experiencing the local cuisine. However, when a person relocates to a new area the local fare simply becomes everyday food and looses the initial appeal. And that is what happened to my son after living in…

Sucking The Head At Bayou Beer Garden!

It was time to “Feed The Beast” and the only food that would satisfy his desires on this beautiful afternoon in New Orleans was crawfish. Wild crawfish season in Louisiana was quickly coming to an end as well as this excursion in “The Big Easy”….

Parkway For Poor Boys!

There is a place in Mid-City New Orleans that has been serving up “Poor Boy” sandwiches since the early 1900’s. The name of this legendary restaurant is Parkway Bakery and Tavern. You may be saying, “Wait! Don’t you mean Po’ Boys?” Yes the majority of…

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