In today’s day and age it’s more important than ever to support small businesses. I would be remiss if I didn’t go pay homage to the “Tap and Growler Bar & Grill” in Sayreville, NJ and my dear friend, the proprietor Alicia Cirello-O’Neal! Even though we were beaten, tired and hurting from the recent holidays, I grabbed the “Bonnie”, jumped in the car and crossed state lines to show our support. We needed medicine for our headaches and needed to “Feed The Beast”. So, off to the “Tap & Growler Bar & Grill” we went.

The “Tap & Growler Bar & Grill” is located in the heart of Sayreville, NJ. Yet, before we go any further, let’s explore the name. What does “Tap & Growler” refer to and mean?

“Tap” – Well if you are unfamiliar with what a beer tap is, you don’t deserve to drink draught beer. Haha. But simply, you can consider a tap as a valve that delivers beer using Co2 to a glass. If all is right in the world, the beer will be at the proper temperature, little waste and with a frothy head.

“Growler” – Ahh! This may be a term many are unfamiliar with. Near the end of the nineteenth century, when you wanted to have beer at home, you could not just walk into a liquor store, deli or supermarket. You would have to go to your local pub to purchase beer and carry it home. The brewer would put the beer in a metal pail. Legend has it that as you walked with the pail, Co2 would escape from the lid producing the sound of a growl. And this is how the pail was coined the name “Growler”.

As You Drive Down Main Street In Sayreville, NJ You Will Come Across The “Tap And Growler” Bar. If You Didn’t Know, Sayreville, Dates Back To The 1600’s. The First Settlers Were Native Americans. Eventually European Settlers Decided To Make Sayreville Their Home & Settled There.

Now Make No Mistake, This Is A True Neighborhood Bar. If You’re Looking For Fancy & Specialty Cocktails, You Came To The Wrong Place. This Is A Bar In Every Sense Of The Word. Beers, Shots, & Everyday Mixed Drinks. As For Food, It’s Bar Food. Food Is Served In Paper Trays And The Menu Is Just What A Bar Like This & Of This Size Should Offer. The Menu Is Simplistic In Nature, So You Know It’s Going To Be Good. Trust Me, “The Beast” Will Be Happy. They Also Have Daily Specials. I Digress. I’ll Get More Into The Food & How Much I Enjoyed It, Below In The Pictures.

As I Stated, This Is A Neighborhood Bar. Where The Patrons All Know Each Other. However, I’ve Been An Outsider Many Times Where I Wondered Into A Neighborhood Bar Of This Size & Everyone Just Stops Talking & Looks At You. Not At “Tap And Growler”! Everyone We Encountered Were Very Friendly People. One & All! Each Saying Hello To Us, Even though We Were Strangers As They Walked Through The Door. They Don’t Treat You Like An Outsider But More Like A New Friend. And If You Are Lucky, You May Get One Of Them To Tell You Stories Of Sayreville From A Time Gone By. Stories passed Down From Generation To Generation.

In Addition Besides Playing “Quick Draw”, You Can Watch The Games While You Are Here. There Are A Handful Of TV’s Showing Different Games Plus With Football Still Going On, A Couple Even Had The “RedZone” Being Broadcasted.

If You Can, Stop In. Grab A Burger, Some Wings & A Cold Brew. The Patrons, Alicia & Her Crew Will Make You Feel Like Family. I Know How Much Alicia Cirello- O’Neal Would Appreciate It. Her Business Like So Many Others Are Struggling Right Now W/ All These Insane Restrictions. Let Me Know If You Do, I’ll Try To Join You!! Otherwise Tell her “Nick Z” Sent You!!

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