~If you enjoy wine, this app is for you!~

“The Beast” enjoys all things liquid that contain alcohol. Wine is no different. To help quench his appetite, I use the app “Vivino”. I am obsessed with this app.

Vivino a leader in online wine platform. They currently offices in three continents and sell wine throughout the world. Their app is available for Apple and Android devices. The information they provide on different wines, makes this app perfect for the novice or experienced wine enthusiast.

Vivino’s website gives you a great deal of information and has wines that you can purchase through their online store within all price ranges. The app is a great tool when you are on the go. Either in a restaurant and you want to know more about the wine you are thinking of ordering. Or When you are in a wine store and unsure of which one to buy.

All you need to do is open the app and use your phones camera to scan the wine bottle’s label. You can then see the wine’s description, rating, reviews, estimated price as well as food pairings and much more.

Vivino is easy to use and be of great assistance if you are looking for something different or perhaps a nice bottle as a gift.

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