“The Beast” Goes Middle Eastern

On the South Shore of Staten Island is a restaurant that is unlike so many others customary to the island.  It is called “Laila”.  A Middle Eastern restaurant with exquisite food and where prior to Covid restrictions, you could enjoy music and be entertained by professional belly dancers. 

Laila is located at 45 Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10309. Their phone number is (718) 984-0006.

Lailla is also one of the few restaurants on Staten Island that is BYOB (Bring your own booze).  Come as a couple or as a group and feel free to set up your own little private bar on your table. 

They offer outdoor dining and take out.  It is a family-owned restaurant with a friendly staff and an authentic Middle Eastern menu.

This family is struggling, like so many other restaurants within the New York City Area. Losing most of their seating capacity and entertainment for the time being.  This is a place worth trying.   Help support this restaurant with either outdoor dining or take out.  You will not be sorry; you will want to return with a group of people when they can resume with entertainment and belly dancing.  It will be a great night out. 

Who knows, you may even see “The Beast” dancing with one of the Belly Dancers in the near future.


(Compliments of their website)

The family comes from damascus, one of the oldest cities in the world. They bring you authentic syrian food. Everything They do is made with authentic ingredients, brought to you from damascus, from spices to condiments, every recipe is rich with a taste of magic, with a taste of homemade.

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