“The Beast” Takes On Pilesner Haus Biergarten

It was becoming evident that “The Beast” was getting restless. Before it was too late, I grabbed my circle of friends and we crossed the river to Hoboken, New Jersey. It was there that we found ourselves at Pilesner Haus Biergarten. Opened in 2011 this establishment is extremely large compared to other places typically found in Hoboken. There is a beautiful outdoor beer garden with several heaters. Inside there is two dining areas, an indoor beer garden and a winter garden. They also have a stage for live entertainment.

“The Beast” Goes Middle Eastern

We took our seats in the main beer hall which included long wooden tables and benches that can accommodate a large group of people. There is also a long bar, several televisions and an open grill where they grill their meats. Even though they have a full bar, we were there for the beer. Pilsener Haus offers about nineteen beers on tap and over fifty beers that are in bottles and cans.

After taking our seats, we were quickly approached by our server Natalia to take our drink order. Throughout the evening, she ensured that we had everything we needed and had an extremely sweet disposition. Her customer service elevated our experience. The beers on tap are offered in two sizes. You have a choice between half or full liters. There was no question that the liter was the only size that would quench the thirst of “The Beast” The beer selected was the Pilsner Haus Original which is brewed in Hoboken. According to their website the Pilsner Haus Original is pale with a dense, foamy head. It has floral notes & some faint honey sweetness making it a light pilsner. When it arrived at the table you could immediately tell it was a perfect pour, had the appropriate amount of foam and was served nice and cold.

The food menu offers a variety of options from traditional Bavarian flare to baby back ribs and fried chicken. Brunch is also offered on the weekends. “The Beast” is a creature of habit and prefers to feed on dishes that compliment the setting. So it was only proper to order items that are custom to a Biergarten. The items we tried and their descriptions can be found in the pictures below. Everything was excellent however it was the Bratwurst that stole the show. With each bite you can feel the snap, it had a smoky flavor without being overbearing and a great char. “The Beast” was extremely satisfied and returned to his slumber where he was able to dream about the next time he will return to Pilsener Haus Biergarten.

The proprietors also own Hudson Hall in Jersey City. After the wonderful experience we had at Pilsener Haus Biergarten, it is inevitable that Hudson Hall is a place “The Beast” must venture to.

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