“The Beast” Conquers The Rahway, NJ – Soup Stroll

SSBS – Supporting Small Business Saturday

As reported in an earlier blog, Rahway New Jersey is having their “Soup Stroll” each Saturday during the month of January. Twenty restaurants are participating serving complimentary samples of their signature soups. There is only one Saturday remaining. If you are looking for something to do from 1pm through 5pm on Saturday January 31st, I would recommend getting over to Rahway and supporting these local eateries. There is also a photo contest you can enter where you can win a twenty five dollar gift card to your favorite participating restaurant.

Those not familiar with the area may not think of Rahway as a place to visit. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rahway has gone through a complete revitalization over the course of many years. In the downtown area you can find art galleries, shops and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. There is also the Watt Hotel by Hilton, which is located around the corner from City Hall. Within a few steps there will be something for every pallet. Upscale restaurants, pubs, old school bars, gourmet coffee shops and trendy / hip eateries that line the streets.

In an effort to help support these local joints and the huge undertaking to hit all twenty places that were participating, it was a clear that “Bonnie and Clyde” needed to cross the bridge and venture into Rahway to satisfy the cravings of “The Beast”.

Once arriving in the downtown area, we were amazed how beautiful it was. We took out our list of the participating eateries and began our quest. In addition to the several types of homemade chicken soups from different cultures, some of the other soups we enjoyed were “Crab and corn cream soup”, “Split pea soup”, “Sappa La Minuto (Peruvian beef soup)”, “Caldo Verde (Collard greens)”, and “Zesty zucchini with coconut”. Due to some detours for a cocktail or two in some of the businesses and time we spent speaking with other patrons and staff we were able to cross off seventeen of the twenty locations in the five hour time frame. We may have finished a little shy of the twenty locations but spending some quality time in these great establishments were well worth it.

We enjoyed every soup we sampled, however there were three that stood out from the rest. Beana’s Para Siempre’s “Rip roaring crab and corn cream soup and The Coffee Box’s “Zucchini, coconut basil” rounded out numbers two and three. Our top choice of the day was Hugo’s Peruvian’s “Sopa La Minuto (Peruvian beef soup)”.

Overall is was a fantastic day and a very satisfying feeling to support so many local restaurants in a single day. I can assure you this: When Covid restrictions are lifted and the weather gets nice, “The Beast” will certainly do a bar crawl through this great little area. Stay tuned!

For information on the Rahway Soup Stroll, click the following link: https://www.rahwaytaste.com/soup-stroll.html

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