Marie’s Gourmet

On the North Shore of Staten Island sits a family owned restaurant called Marie’s Gourmet. They are located on Victory Boulevard between Clove Road and Forest Avenue.

With “NYC Restaurant Week To Go” in full force, “The Beast” wanted to support this establishment with an order to go. This was the first time the “The Beast” summoned me to indulge from Marie’s Gourmet. And we were glad we did.

Marie’s Gourmet opened it’s doors fourteen years ago specializing in Italian classics. Or at least that is what I thought. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, they do have an excellent menu with a variety of Italian specialties and pizza, However, among other items they also offer burgers, sandwiches and quesadillas. In addition they have a wonderful breakfast menu which encompasses much of their business to the level of offering breakfast all day long. From what I saw, I will be there to try their breakfast menu, once indoor dining is allowed. It looked so good, my mouth was watering. If you are having and event or party, they also offer a catering menu.

From speaking with the manager Stephanie, it is apparent they have been affected severely with the Covid restrictions. This time last year, you would have to wait to get a table. Now at no fault of their own, they cannot have indoor dining. Outdoor dining is not suitable that the temperature is dropping every day. This leaves their sole source of revenue to take out and delivery. They are doing everything correct. The staff is extremely friendly and appreciative. The food is fresh, tasty and abundant. For what you get, the prices are very reasonable. Without a doubt, they deserve to be supported.

The pictures below show the two dishes ordered. One was an appetizer and the second a pasta. The portions were so large that it was more then enough to feed two people, with leftovers to spare.

The Zuppa di Clams were made with baby little neck clams in a white wine and garlic sauce. There was a minimum of twenty clams in the order. The bread served on the side was not your typical boring bread but fresh and crispy semolina bread. Trust me, you needed every piece to dunk in the sauce. If you have this and don’t soak every piece of bread it would be a terrible sin. It was that delicious!

They have several different pasta sauces and pastas that you can mix and match. The one that was decided to satisfy “The Beast” was linguini with a plum tomato sauce. The linguini was served al a dente. The sauce was made with San Marzano tomatoes, the proper amount of garlic and basil. “The Beast” was more than pleased and I’m sure not before long, he will summon me again to pay homage to Marie’s Gourmet.

If you want to order from Marie’s Gourmet, their phone number is 718-981-4664. Their address is 977 Victory Bouvard, Staten Island NY 10301.

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