Roasted Red Peppers

Ciao Bella. One of my favorite side dishes to compliment fresh mozzarella is roasted red peppers. I also enjoy them on an Italian cold cut sandwich. I’ve never been a fan of the ones sold in a jar. The peppers are usually too big and to preserve them, they add vinegar which I personally feel downgrades the taste. Even the ones you buy at an Italian deli, I feel are subpar to ones you can make at home. Once you master this, you can move onto variations like “Sicilian Roasted Peppers” or another way, which my family calls “Nona’s Roasted Peppers” which would have baked bread crumbs on top. Considering the level of ease to make this recipe, there is no reason to pay to buy them. As a bonus the cost is minimal. Once you see my recipe in the blog, you will agree with me and “The Beast”.

There are many ways to roast peppers. Some do it on a grill, while others will roast them using the burner on their stove. I have found the easiest way to roast them with the least amount of mess is in the broiler.

First you want to make the dressing. Three red peppers will yield a pint of finished peppers. Mix the garlic, olive oil, salt and basil then set it aside.

Take a baking sheet or oven pan and line it with aluminum foil. Broil them on low, turning them as each side blackens and the skin starts to get crisp. Once all sides are black, remove from the broiler, peel off the skin. If they were roasted enough, the skin should easily peel off. Then remove all the seeds.

Take the peppers and slice them to the thickness you prefer. I personally like them in thin strips. If you like, you can also add a touch of the pepper juice from the bottom of the pan. Once sliced, add them to the dressing. Let the peppers sit so they marry with the dressing. Then they are ready to be served. My personal preference is to serve them at room temperature. Slice up some fresh mozzarella, Italian bread, pour a glass of wine and enjoy!

Ingredients for one pint

  • 3 large red bell pepper
  • Pinch of salt
  • 3 cloves of chopped garlic
  • 6 fresh basil leaves chopped
  • Olive oil

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