“The Beast” down on the Bayou

With Mardi Gras still in the air, “The Beast” felt compelled to recognize Bayou restaurant on Staten Island, New York. At 1072 Bay St. Staten Island, NY 10305 sits a restaurant with such authentic New Orleans fare, that you forget where you are. As you step off Bay Street and walk through the doors, you are immediately whisked away to the “Big Easy”.

For those that have been to NOLA and have spent time in some of the authentic restaurants that have been around for generations, you will feel like you are there. Jazz music that you would here being performed by street musicians in the Quarter is playing in the background. The décor is reminiscent of many of the places I have been. Wonderful photographs line the walls of the French Quarter. Many of a New Orleans from a time gone by. Ornate light fixtures are found throughout. The color scheme and decorations will transport you to a wonderful city so far way.

And then there is the menu. If you are looking for authentic, look no further. You can get everything from crawfish to alligator. Not that daring? Don’t fret! They have options for every pallet. Po Boy sandwiches, chicken dishes, seafood jambalaya and a perfectly cooked steak are also available on their menu. They also offer a wonderful desert menu that will compliment your meal. Each dish tried by “The Beast” was full of flavor and seasoned as you would find in Louisiana. In addition, they are plated and presented in a beautiful manner.

From the ambiance to the delicious food and the impeccable service, this is a place “The Beast” would strongly recommend for a “Date night” or with a group of friends.

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