Nurnberger Bierhaus

On an island that has more than it’s share of burger joints, Irish pubs, Italian and Chinese restaurants it can be difficult to find something a little different. There are only a couple of German restaurants on the “Rock”. If you are looking for traditional German fare, where you also have the ambiance of a true German Bierhaus the choices are even slimmer.

“The Beast” was on the prowl, showing a special friend around the North Shore. In the need for a snack, we decided to pay a visit to our friends at Nurnberger Bierhaus. Once inside you can sense the authenticity of the restaurant. It is filled with old world charm. As you sit, you will take notice of the beautiful bar, the dark wood coverings on the walls, all the pictures and plaques. Then there is the beautiful German steins that are placed on shelves along the dining areas and behind the bar.

They offer a full bar including over twelve beers on tap. In regard to the tap beer, you can chose between a half liter or a liter. I always say “When in a bierhaus, drink a beer.” A selection was made and the winners were the Krombacker Dark and the Hefeweizen.

There menu consists of traditional German dishes, a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, a German twist on hamburgers plus much more. They even have a wonderful brunch menu for you to enjoy on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

As for our snack, we decided to share the wurst platter with a choice of two sides. The choice of the sides was a no-brainer. It was sauerkraut and German potato salad. Next we had to choose from several different wursts. But which wursts, is where the difficulty came in. They all seemed extremely appetizing. A choice had to be made! “The Beast” could not wait any longer. After an education by the staff on each wurst, we decided on a Bratwurst and a Weisswurst. A Bratwurst is a German sausage made from veal, beef and pork. A Weisswurt is a white sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon. It is flavored with parsley, lemon, mace, onions, ginger, and cardamom. Both sausages had their own wonderful and individual taste. The casing on the Bratwurst had a perfect snap as you cut through it. You could taste the freshness in the sausages and the sides.

Next we decided on something sweet. How could we pass up apple strudel? It simply was not going to happen. The apple strudel was served warm with a nice helping of vanilla ice cream on the side. The crust had a wonderful flakiness to it and was extremely light. The apples were soft and fresh. With the strudel we decided to each have a digestif. Their menu has several options. We settled on the Killepitsch which was served in a brandy snifter and the Underberg that comes in a miniature bottle that you are supposed to drink quickly in one helping. The herbs and aromatics in these drinks are meant to help you to quickly digest. And wow, did they work.

The staff at this unique “Find” were so accommodating, answering all our questions about the menu, types of alcohol we had no knowledge of and pointing us in the right direction throughout our stay. They were extremely friendly, making our time at Nurnberger Bierhaus an extraordinary afternoon.

If you are looking for German fare and find yourself on the North Shore of Staten Island, swing by Nurnberger Bierhaus. You will not leave disappointed and will be asking yourself when you can visit here again.

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