Lobster House Joe’s

In the Charleston section of Staten Island, New York sits a restaurant that is a stones throw from the entrance to the Outerbridge. If you didn’t know it was there, you might miss it. Luckily for “The Beast” this was not the case. This hidden gem I speak of is Lobster House Joe’s.

The weather was beautiful and it was time to “Feed The Beast”. Being cooped up with several snowstorms over the last month, it was a necessity to sit outdoors and enjoy some food and a cold beer on this 70 degree evening. As we passed the front door, a sign was calling out to us. It read “All Day Special. Thursday Oysters. $1 Each”. I quickly checked what day it was, because for a second I thought this was a dream. It was indeed Thursday! Could it be we were so lucky to wonder upon this restaurant on the same night Oysters were only one buck a piece? We were! Casablanca immediately came to mind. “Of all the seafood restaurants in all the towns, in all the world, we walk into Joe’s.”

We were shown to our table in the outside area and began looking over the menu. Our server Nina immediately approached us and offer us some water and took our drink order. Nina made sure throughout the evening as the sun was setting in the horizon that we did not want for anything. She did not force us to order our entire meal at once but instead we ordered in stages after each dish. Nina was extremely professional, attentive and sweet.

Instead of ordering entrées we opted to order soups and a variety of appetizers so we could try different dishes, relax and enjoy the evening. I would classify the menu as “Simple Seafood”. Everything was extremely fresh but not fancy. The food was more of a classic style that you could classify as comfort food. They have a nice selection of appetizers and entrées. But do not fear if seafood isn’t for you, because their menu has a variety of food that is from land. They offer steaks, chicken dishes, hamburgers and sandwiches. They also have several pastas that are not seafood inspired. There is something for everyone. Lobster House Joe’s provides a handful of beers on tap plus a full bar.

When all was said and done, the cravings of “The Beast” were satisfied and it was time for him to retreat to his lair.

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