Ruddy And Dean

It was Saturday night and time to “Feed The Beast”. Tonight he was craving a slab of meat. On the North Shore of Staten Island, NY and a stone’s throw from the Empire Outlets is “Ruddy and Dean, An American Steakhouse”. Since the 1970’s a bar sat in this spot. It changed names several times over the years. In 1995 Staten Islander Danny Mills took over and opened the Mill House. He owned and operated his bar for the next five years. But Danny had a vision. He felt the island needed a true steak house opposed to a restaurant that just had steaks on the menu. In 2000 Danny followed his dream by knocking down the original building and erected the building that is now the home of Ruddy & Dean. During our conversation, Danny explained that the name is a tribute to both his grandmothers. One with the last name Ruddy and the other with Dean. His vison became a reality when he opened the doors to Ruddy & Dean. And he has been going strong for over twenty years.

Upon entering, there is a nice size bar along the right side. The Dining area is an “L” shape. They also have an upstairs dining room and soon there will be a outdoor rooftop terrace. We were shown to our seats and greeted by our server Tom. Our drink orders were immediately taken and we were presented with the menu. The menu is a traditional steak house menu. They have several appetizers, salads, some non-beef entrees and a wonderful selection of steaks. Like a true steak house, Ruddy & Dean offer a Porter House for two or more people. You can order a 32 ounce or a 44 ounce Porter House. In addition to their regular sides, they have several sides available for the table to share.

I sipped my “Manhattan” and we reviewed the menu. Appetizers were decided upon. We informed our server Tom our choices were the “Roasted Brussels”, “Trio of Clams” and an order of the “Thick-Cut Home-Smoked Bacon”. All were delicious but the bacon was the stand out dish. The German potato salad that was under the bacon was an added bonus. It was cooked perfectly with a delightful black pepper maple glaze. The sweetness of the glaze cut down the intensity of the bacon and paired extremely well together. It was one of the best steak house bacon dishes I ever had.

Normally when “The Beast” is in a steak house, the steak of choice would be the Porter House to share. However, tonight we went off script. On the “Nightly Specials” there was a “Cowboy Rib Eye”. After much deliberation, it was decided “The Beast” could always return for the Porter House and gambled on the Cowboy. The gamble paid off! The rib eye was the exact temperature requested with a perfect char. It was bursting with flavor with no need for extra seasoning or a sauce. The proprietor Danny shared his secret for how the steaks are cooked. If I tell you, I’d have to kill you. One tidbit I can share is they are made with a Buerre Monte’.

After a meal like this, it is a necessity to have something sweet to counter balance the abundance of meat consumed. Something to cleanse the pallet. Our server Tom recommended a glass of “Grahams 10yr Port” while the owner Danny sent over to the table their house made Key Lime Pie and a Crème Brulee. It was a perfect compliment to an outstanding meal.

If you live on Staten Island and are looking for a true steak house, there is no need to travel to Manhattan. There is one right in your backyard. Go as a couple or as a group. It doesn’t matter, as long as you go! The service Tom provided was impeccable. The owner Danny is hands on, working the entire room and assisting his staff wherever needed. The meal from start to finish satisfied “The Beast” in every way possible. Ruddy & Dean lives up to everything you expect from a “True” steak house.

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