“The Beast” Invades W’s Bar For Saint Patty’s Day!

For St. Patty’s Day, I decided to take “The Beast” for a walk down memory lane. This memory resided beyond the doors of W’s Bar and Grill in the 10307 zip code of Staten Island. Back in the early 1990’s I lived on Page avenue in Tottenville, Staten Island. My home was only a block away and on the same street as W’s. I was in college and working in a warehouse with two of my fraternity brothers. Everyday after work “Fitz”, “Jay-Bird” and I would stop off at W’s on our way home. Our intentions were to only have a quick beer and leave. We would walk in dirty and tired, and that plan of a quick beer always turned into hours of knocking back cold ones and a variety of shots. W’s was much different back then. It was what I would consider an “Old-School” bar. Truly a local joint where you knew everyone. It was relatively small with very basic décor. Yet the beer was always cold and the staff was extremely friendly. This was a place where the bartender always knew your name and what you wanted to drink without asking. It emanated a very homey feel.

Well now I’m back! It’s been twenty years since I passed through these doors and I immediately noticed the change. First of all, the strip mall that it is located in, had gone through a complete facelift. The front of W’s is all glass, which is a major change from the original solid front façade and door. It has more than doubled in size. They took over the storefront next to them and expanded over the years. W’s now has a more airy feel, it is much brighter with a few tables by their bar and two additional dining rooms. With all the changes since I was last here, there was one thing that remained the same. And to me, it’s the most important thing. It’s right there in the name, “W’s Bar & Grill”. It stayed true to being a neighborhood bar. The staff makes you feel like you are home, the patrons were all friendly, the beer was cold, and they offer up good bar food.

It was great to see that W’s was hoping last night for St. Patty’s day even though they do not have an Irish name on the door. They went through the trouble of decorating the bar and dining room for this holiday with Irish flare. Even the tables were covered with St. Patrick’s Day themed table clothes. It gave me a sense of life returning to normal. After a reasonable wait for a table with a beer in hand, we were seated. Our server greeted us, handed us their Saint Patrick’s Day menu and took our drink order. It was time to “Feed The Beast”, so I ordered a cup of their homemade beef barely soup and their Rueben sandwich. A basket of French fries for the table was added to the order.

The beef barley soup arrived hot and they did not skimp on the beef. The base of the soup was full of flavor and had the perfect amount of salt content. It was a hearty soup. The basket of fries were hand cut, seasoned and crispy. They definitely did not short change you on the amount of corned beef inside the Rueben. The cheese was fully melted, the rye bread was properly grilled and the corned beef was juicy. It was a double napkin sandwich. Everything we ate was extremely satisfying which pleased “The Beast”.

After a lot of personal changes over the past year, especially not being at the Pub I spent the last fourteen years at for the first time, I was not feeling the holiday this time around. Thanks to “W’s Bar & Grill”, the service, the food and my dear friend, it was a great night. It was a comforting feeling to be back at a place I once called home. I am extremely happy with the updates to the bar over the years and look forward to going back very soon. If for nothing else, “The Beast” and I need to find out what the story is behind the “Monster Burgers” on their menu.

Till next time – “Cheers”!

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