Steamed Oysters, Local Beers And The Beast!

It was time to “Feed The Beast” and get him a snack in-between meals. Beast Jr. and I walked across the street to meet up with a couple of friends at the “Steamhouse Lounge” in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

There is something to be said about a place like the “Steamhouse Lounge”. This is the type of place I feel most at home. A place where no one would care if you stopped in after a hard day at work with grease under your fingernails, wearing a pair of old jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap. A place where you can check the hoity-toity at the door. Here you can be yourself, while having a great time interacting with the patrons and the staff,. One thing was for sure, these were good everyday people. Salt of the Earth!

Normally you would find a place like this along the water due to it’s beachy vibe. But there it is, smack down inside the city. Surrounded by tall office buildings and modern day shops. “Steamhouse Lounge” moved from their original location to the Midtown area in 2008 and have been doing their thing ever since. There is a total of three bars. Two are located inside with one on each floor and the third out back on their patio. American and military flags are proudly strung along the ceilings. They also have an upstairs wrap around deck for outside dining. On a nice day, this is a great location to sit in their patio and listen to some music. So pull up a chair, grab a drink and order some food.

We met our friends at the upstairs deck where they already started their afternoon. First order of business was to order an ice cold beer. As a foodie there is several rules that I try to abide by. Two of them are, never eat at a place you can eat at back home and if you are going to drink a beer, try and get one brewed by a local brewery. I decided on a beer from an Atlanta brewery called SweetWater. The selected beer was their SweetWater IPA. This is an unfiltered IPA using American Hops and has a 6.3% alcohol by volume. It was a refreshing brew with citrus flavors.

As for food, we were there just for a snack and felt we owed it to ourselves to try a couple of dishes. Their menu consists of bar food items with an emphasize on seafood. When a place has on their menu “Lobster Bisque – Atlanta’s best for 25 years”, you have to try it. It is a moral imperative! I cannot confirm or deny the “Lobster Bisque” is the best in Atlanta due to this being my first trip to the city. Nor do I know what awards they received for it. Only that they have won awards for the bisque. I can say with complete certainty, we should of ordered the bowl and not just a cup. It was that good! The bisque had a nice sweetness, the right amount of salt content and was full of lobster meat. It took a high spot on my list of lobster bisques that I have tried in my life.

It was time for another round of drinks. This choice was the TKR Pilsner that is brewed by Tucker Brewery in Tucker Georgia. This brew is made from 100% specially sourced German hops. It is a smooth beer with floral notes and has a subtle bitterness. It is a smooth beer that is 4.8% alcohol by volume.

As we sat and spent time shooting the breeze I noticed something on the menu that was calling out to me. It was a bucket of two dozen steamed oysters that you shuck yourself. I know we were only having a snack, but how could one pass up something like this? I’ve had oysters every which way from Sunday, but never saw a bucket of steamed oysters on a menu where you get to shuck them yourself. This was a no-brainer. The bucket hit the table and with shucking knives in hand, we dove right in. Since they were steamed, they were easy to open unlike a live oyster. From the steaming process they were juicy and sweet. A little hot sauce on top and in moments the two dozen were devoured.

If you are in the Atlanta area, looking for a place to go to grab a drink and some grub that has a relaxed atmosphere and you can just be yourself, get over to the “Steamhouse Lounge”. It the weather is nice, head out to the patio. Pull up a chair, converse with some locals and share some laughs with the staff.

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