Adobe Blues, Tried And True!

It was May 5th, Covid restrictions have lightened up so it was time for “The Beast’ to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Regardless that there is so many choices on Staten Island to venture to in order to celebrate, the decision was relatively simple. Adobe Blues located on the North Shore has been calling my name since they recently reopened. This was one of my regular hangouts back in the 1990’s while attending college and it was time to pay them a visit.

But what is Cinco De Mayo? Many think it is to celebrate Mexico gaining it’s independence from Spain. However that day is on September 15th and is a public holiday. Cinco De Mayo is to commemorate the “Battle of Pueblo”. Where on May 5th, 1862 Mexican troops defeated the French army who were trying to establish a Monarchy in Mexico. This victory energized the resistance against France. Even though some areas of Mexico celebrate, it is not a national holiday. Ironically it is celebrated on a much larger scale in the United States. It originated in the United States back in the 1940’s during the Mexican-American movement.

Many who never heard of Adobe Blues, may say why celebrate here? The name does not sound like a place commonly associated with Mexican faire. However, since they opened their doors in 1992 they consider themselves “Adobe Blues Southwestern Foods And Old West Saloon”. They pride themselves on their Southwestern menu, margaritas and their extensive beer list. They also have a “Beer Club”. As you complete different levels, your name is honored on plaques in the bar area.

As I pulled up in front of Adobe Blues and saw their neon sign, I was overcome with such fond memories from my youth. Like a child on Christmas morning, I was filled with excitement as I walked through the doors. I was instantly 21 years old again. Happily not much has changed with their layout. The long bar is along the left with some high tops on the right. An opening separates the bar area from the dining room. They still have an eclectic décor throughout the restaurant. Which comprises stuffed horns of a bull, stuffed animal heads, pictures of the old west, a tin ceiling and much more. You almost feel as if your in a saloon from the old west. Adobe Blues has a rustic and homey feel to it. There is nothing pretentious in this joint.

It was with a sense of relief to see life returning to normal. The dining room was at the full capacity allowed, the bar was hopping and the DJ was playing music from the 1980’s. After we circled the bar like sharks for a couple of minutes, we snagged two stools. The jubilation I felt of finally sitting at a bar again was extremely heart warming.

We started with a couple of cocktails as we soaked in our surroundings. Cocktails continued throughout the evening. Being it was Cinco De Mayo, we enjoyed classic Margaritas, Corazon cocktails and when a place offers over one hundred beers, you need to have at least one. The beer of choice was “Negro Modelo”. I cannot leave out their specialty shot “Hotsy Shotsy”. This was a shot of Espolon Reposado, Ancho Reyes liqueur and your choice of Poblano or Ancho Chili liqueur. I opted for the Poblano. As an added bonus I got to keep the specialty shot glass for my shot glass collection. Major score. Adobe swag is always a good thing.

In between cocktails, listening to the DJ and shooting the breeze, we ordered a couple of dishes to share. First was their “Hot Shots” which is fried jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese. Many may say, “That’s nothing special. It’s just a jalapeno popper.” Let me just say this, the spicy tomato dip that came with it was fantastic. It was a thick consistency similar to a cream cheese. The cool dip was a nice contrast to the spicy jalapeno.

We followed up with an order of the “Blue Corn Enchiladas”. You can select your filling so we chose chicken as our protein. The dish was accompanied with rice and beans. They had a choice between red and green chile sauce. We requested one of each on the side. The chicken was extremely tender with the top covered in melted cheese. The entire dish was extremely flavorful and satisfied the cravings of “The Beast”.

It was a great night at this neighborhood watering hole where for a few hours I was able to relive a special time from my youth. If you never been here or it’s been a while, I say go! Hopefully soon they will be having live music as they did before Covid shuttered the world.

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