SoBou A Unique NOLA Experience

Anyone who has spent time in New Orleans has heard or had the opportunity to dine at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District. An award winning landmark restaurant which has stood tall since the 1800’s. After having the pleasure of dining there in the past, this go around it was a must to sample one of the other restaurants belonging to the Commander’s family. That is what led us to SoBou.

SoBou is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, specializing in Louisiana street food with a modern and unique twist. As you enter you are greeted by a long wall decorated with a variety of illuminated clear and opaque glass bottles and a handful of tables. As you head to the left, you will see their full bar and main dining room which is decorated with ornate light fixtures, exposed distressed brick walls and ample seating . They also have a beer garden and private event space.

We took our seats and were quickly greeted by our server Debra. She welcomed us with a complimentary Sas cocktail to wet our whistles. We reviewed the menu as we were enjoying some conversation. The menu is broken down into five sections. They classify them as “Snacky Things”, “Small Bites”, “Soups, Salads, Sandwiches”, “Big Bites” and “Sweets”. Considering this was our first time here, we wanted to try several dishes. As appetizing everything on the menu sounded, we opted to order several “Small Bites” and “Snacky Things”.

Throughout the night we ordered one dish at a time as we enjoyed each others company. It has been awhile since I’ve seen “Beast Jr.” so we had a lot to catch up on. Our server Debra was most accommodating and we never felt rushed as the dining room was quickly filling.

Each dish outperformed the previous one. They went from incredible to mind blowing. In the pictures below there is a description of the dishes we had the unique and wonderful experience to try. However, I would like to focus in more detail about a couple of the dishes that were the stars of the evening.

We ordered the “Tuna Cones” on a whim. We didn’t inquire about them like we normally would when ordering something we were unfamiliar with. The description on the menu appeared interesting so we were like “Why not”. The dish arrived at the table as we were very pleasantly surprised. The dish comprised of two miniature waffle ice cream cones. Topped with homemade ice cream. It was a basil and avocado ice cream with hints of toasted coconut. You may be asking “Was this a desert”? The answer is a resounding “No”! As you continue to enjoy the ice cream you are treated to a wonderful tuna and pineapple ceviche. You could tell right away this was a high grade tuna that was extremely fresh. On their menu, you will find this dish listed under “Snacky Things”. And once we ate it, we knew why. It was the perfect little snack. The basil ice cream cleansed your pallet and one cone was a perfect small bite. If you are here and you are not a person that enjoys deserts, I would strongly recommend to end your meal with this dish. It was incredibly flavorful and refreshing.

It was unanimous the “Shrimp and Tasso” corndogs was the favorite of the night. The batter was delicate and fried to a perfect golden brown. The inside of the corndog was filled with Tasso and shrimp. Tasso is a spicy cured pork that is commonly used in Cajun cooking. The sauce was a hot beurre blanc with the perfect amount of heat. To offset the heat of the sauce, the dish was accompanied with pickled okra. When SoBou says they elevated street food, they weren’t kidding. They took a average corndog that you would find at a fair and made it into a very elegant dish with wonderful flavors that made you want to have more.

The cocktail that I felt complimented the meal perfectly was their “Puncher’s Smash”. It is made with Puncher’s Chance Bourbon, blueberry mint syrup and lemon juice. It was garnished with fresh mint and blueberries. After a day in the N’Oleans sun, it was refreshing and smooth.

If you are in the French Quarter, Sobou is a must. Try different dishes and enjoy every bite. If you go for Sunday brunch, you will also have the pleasure of experiencing their burlesque show with world famous burlesque dancer Bella Blue. I would recommend calling ahead because I cannot think of a reason why everyone would not want to enjoy SoBou. Thank you to the entire staff and especially our server Debra for making our night so extraordinary.

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