Sucking The Head At Bayou Beer Garden!

It was time to “Feed The Beast” and the only food that would satisfy his desires on this beautiful afternoon in New Orleans was crawfish. Wild crawfish season in Louisiana was quickly coming to an end as well as this excursion in “The Big Easy”. So it was now or never. We felt battered and bruised from our escapades the night before, but that was not going to stop us. We made our way over the Bayou and entered Bayou Beer Garden.

Bayou Beer Garden is located on N. Norman C. Francis Pkwy in Mid-City, New Orleans. From the outside it looks like at one time it was someone’s home. We walked through the front door and ponied up to the bar for a quick drink. A bloody Mary was calling out to me. It was spicy the way I enjoy it, garnished with olives and pickled string beans. Pickled string beans seem to be very common in NOLA, which is a good thing because they are quite enjoyable.

We finished our drinks, headed out the side door and entered the backyard. From the front of the building you would think it would be a small yard. However as they say, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. In the back there is a large bar and a beer garden with plenty of seating. On the right, through a trellis is an adjoining wine garden with an additional outdoor bar and several tables. At the back end of the wine garden is another building which is home to the wine room.

We took some seats under the overhang in the beer garden to escape the sun and increasing heat. With an abundance of beers to chose from, we placed our order. I went with a local Louisiana beer crafted by Parish Brewery. The one selected was “Ghost In The Machine”. It is a double IPA that is 8.5% alcohol by volume. It has notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits.

Bayou Beer Garden has a full menu which among other choices, includes the usual suspects that you would expect. Everything from burgers, sandwiches, tacos, salads, etc. However, we were there for the crawfish. In the rear of the beer garden is where they have the crawfish boil area set up. We walked up to the table and placed our order. A typical order consists of a large link of sausage, red potatoes, half an ear of corn, one whole head of garlic and three pounds of crawfish. Yes you heard me correctly. Three pounds! We took our containers and headed back to the table to feast.

Eating crawfish is a messy two handed job. First you want to separate the head from the body by pinching the head where it meets the tail. Then you want to suck all the juice out of the open end of the head. Next I opt to go for the claws. These crawfish had nice size claws, where I was able to crack them open and enjoy the meat as I sucked all the juice from them. That leaves the best part, the tail. With each one, I would gently break them open and remove the meat of the tail in one piece. After deveining the tail, I would eat it in all it’s glory. In between I would eat the garlic, corn, sausage and potatoes until my entire container was empty. You would think three pounds would take a long time to eat but once “The Beast” got rolling, it didn’t take long. The crawfish was tender and juicy with wonderful spices.

Between the amazing set up at the Bayou Beer Garden / Bayou Wine Garden and how delicious the crawfish was, they have knocked it out of the park. If you find your way to Mid-City, New Orleans regardless if it’s crawfish season or not, stop in at Bayou Beer Garden / Bayou Wine Garden. A fantastic place with great local folks.

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  1. crawfish says:

    Nothing better than authentic Louisiana crawfish. It was fun to read about your experience at the crawfish boil. It sounds like a great time and a great meal. 

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed my blog. It was truly a great meal. My son is a resident in NOLA so I am fortunate that he shows me the places the locals go. Thank you again for your comment.


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