Rock -N- Sake Rocks!

When a foodie travels, they like spend their time experiencing the local cuisine. However, when a person relocates to a new area the local fare simply becomes everyday food and looses the initial appeal. And that is what happened to my son after living in “The Big Easy” for over six years. During my visit, he wanted me to try his favorite sushi restaurant. Someone that is merely visiting would not associate New Orleans with Sushi. I obliged his request and off we went to Rock -N- Sake Bar and Sushi in downtown New Orleans. This place rocks! Wow am I glad he took me here.

As you enter through the front door, there is a bar on the right which was already beginning to form a crowd. We were immediately greeted and shown to our table in the dining room on the left. We were seated at a table by the window which was a great vantage point for people watching and a fantastic view of the sushi bar. The look of the bar had clean sleek lines and had a modern flare to it. The dining room was created with the feel of a city loft. Encompassing exposed brick and wooden beams throughout. Overall the restaurant had a great vibe to it.

We were greeted by our server Nikki who from the onset was personable and pleasant. She continually checked on us throughout our meal. Conversing and laughing with us all night. She made our experience that more enjoyable.

First order of business was sake bombs. Never heard of one? A sake bomb is a cup of sake that is balanced on top of a pint glass with beer using two chopsticks. We had ours with Sapporo Premium. You slide the chopsticks out and the cup of sake falls into the beer and it’s chugging time. A fun and carefree way to start our night.

I glanced over the menu, however I let Jr. handle the ordering. He wanted me to enjoy his favorite dishes. We started with their “Tuna Nachos”. It was prepared with chunks of tuna mixed with a
creamy-garlic jalapeño ponzu, lime juice, chili-sesame oil, sriracha, green onions, smelt roe & sesame seeds served on crispy wonton chips. It was extremely refreshing and awakened the pallet.

With a full night ahead of us, we didn’t want to over do it so we decided three sushi rolls would suffice. Nick Jr. gave our order to Nikki. The order was their “Garlic Salmon Roll”, “Triple “S” Roll” and their “Voodoo Queen Roll”. As the two of us talked, laughed and watched the other patrons, I kept an eye on the sushi chefs across from us. The care they put in each dish they constructed was incredible. Truly artists in their field. Our rolls were delivered to our table and it was time to “Feed The Beast”. You could instantly tell how fresh every ingredient was and that they used only the highest quality of product. Even though a couple of the rolls included some of the same types of fish, the flavors were unique to each roll. If you are interested in what each roll included, the descriptions are in the pictures below.

After finishing, we realized we still had some time before meeting up with our group for the rest of the evening. So we decided to order another drink and one more small bite to complete our meal. We went with the “Shrimp Wontons”. These were fried wontons that were stuffed with shrimp and cream cheese. The wontons were then topped with a shrimp and garlic sauce. The dish had wonderful contrasting flavors that worked fantastic together. The sweetness of the cream cheese made it the perfect dish to finish off the meal. No need for a desert was required.

If you are in NOLA and have a craving for sushi, hit downtown. Rock -N- Sake is the sushi place to go. I’ve eaten at an abundance of sushi restaurants in my time and most fail in comparison.

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