Coq Au Vin

Before I begin, a shout-out is warranted for the kitchen skills performed by my Sous-chef for this dish. “The Croc” did an amazing job when it came time to “Feed The Beast”. If you ever saw the film “Donnie Brasco”, this is the dish that Lefty Ruggiero is making for Christmas dinner. Lefty says to…

Beast Braised Short Ribs

“The Beast” goes crazy over braised short ribs. The way the beef just falls apart and melts in your mouth is so satisfying. But what is braising? Braising is a combination cooking techniques. The two methods used are wet and dry heat. Generally you would first sear or sauté your food over a high heat….

Clams Vino Blanco

Looking for a quick clam recipe as an appetizer? Look no further! This recipe uses five ingredients and takes about ten minutes to make. Just make sure to have plenty of bread, because you are going to want to soak up all the juice and eat it.

Butter Poached Lobster Tails With Saffron Risotto

Anyone who has made risotto and also watched “The Karate Kid” would agree Mr. Miyagi should of had Daniel-San skip wax on, wax off. He should of had Daniel make risotto. Stir right, stir left. Constant stirring is the trick to making risotto. However, the work is definitely worth the reward with this luscious, creamy…